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Legislative Alert House Bill 808

It has come to our attention that Legislation has been introduced in the Pennsylvania House that would extend the time limit for employer controlled medical treatment of injured workers from 90 to 180 days. As my firm and most of the other attorneys in the state that represent injured workers believe that the 90 day time limit is too long, an extension of this time limit for an additional 90 days would be onerous and harmful to our clients best interests. My firm works very hard to ensure that our clients receive the best and most appropriate medical care for their work related injuries and if this legislation passes it is unlikely that our clients will receive appropriate medical care if it is controlled by their employer and its workers compensation carrier.

Such legislation will also harm many of the treating physicians in the area as it will preclude them from being able to provide acute medical care to injured workers. It has been our experience that the panel physicians appointed by many of the large employers in the state of Pennsylvania fail to address many of the medical conditions that our clients suffer from and as a result they are unable to recover from many work-related injuries due to improper medical care and/or failure to diagnose conditions in the acute phase.

It is our understanding that all of the House Democrats will vote against this bill, however, we may still require votes from House Republicans to ensure that this bill is not passed by the Pennsylvania statehouse. I have attached a link to the direct office numbers for all House Republicans, therefore, if you live in any one of these house members districts please call them immediately and urge them to vote against this bill.

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